Deciding to Become a Parent

One of the most exciting times in one’s life is becoming a parent. Very few people go throughout life without some thought about what it would be like to raise a child. Yet many become mothers and fathers without having taken the time to consciously think about, plan and prepare for what may well be the biggest decision of their lives. Think about what kind of world it would be if people took the opportunity to decide whether, when, why and how they wanted to parent.

GTS helps an individual or couple explore what it means to become a parent. Here are just a couple of common topics client’s often explore:

Could I really give a child what it needs?
How do children cope with family differences?
How will children affect my current relationship?
Where will I find resources and support?
Considered multiples, disabilities etc?
Could I be a good single parent?
Is this the right time in my life to be a parent?
Do I have enough time and money?
Have you factored kids into your career plans?
There are so many paths to consider when having a child. GTS helps you explore the options. Whether you decide to have a child on your own, considering adoption or in vitro fertilization (IVF), there are many things you need to explore.

John P. Carnesecchi and his partner have a baby girl using a gestational carrier and in vitro fertilization. John lends his personal experience with parenthood planning to the clients he serves while always respecting the value system and needs of his clients first. Combining his personal experience with his professional training as a family and couple therapist, John helps his client’s consider all practical and emotional aspects while providing sound advice, information and resources to get on the right parenthood path for you!

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