Family Planning
There are so many paths to consider when having a child.

Second Parent Adoptions

In order for legally married co-parents in a same sex relationship to both have the legal status of parent it is often necessary to petition for a Second Parent adoption. This may be true because one partner is the biological parent of their child, one partner previously adopted the child or was previously declared to be a legal parent pursuant to a surrogacy agreement. For whatever reason, Second Parent Adoptions secure the parental relationship of each parent to the child.

International adoption is the legal process through which a citizen of one country adopts and raises a child from a different country utilizing the legal system of the country where the child resides. If you decide to proceed with an international adoption, you have a choice to proceed privately or through an adoption agency. Due to the legal complexities of the international adoption process, the vast majority of international adoptions are accomplished through agencies.

In an international adoption, you must satisfy the adoption requirements of the country of the adoptive child’s origin as well as the requirements of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Countries vary significantly with regard to the age of children waiting to be adopted and the quality of the medical care provided to those children. In addition, there is considerable variation among the countries with respect to the required characteristics of adoptive parents as they relate to the adoptive parents’ age, marital status and health history. Costs for an international adoption can range from $10,000 to $30,000, not including travel expenses.

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