Family Planning
There are so many paths to consider when having a child.

Domestic Private Agency Adoption

Private Agency Adoption involves an agency that has been authorized by the state to act as an intermediary between adoptive parents who want to adopt a child and birth parents who are considering adoption as a plan for their child. Private agencies engage in outreach and education programs in the adoption process to assist both adoptive and birth parents. Typically, the agency has waiting adoptive parents who have been screened and approved by the agency that can be matched with birth parents seeking adoptive parents for their child. As with private placement adoption, identifying information can be shared or kept confidential as desired by the parties. Private agency adoption is attractive because the agency does the “work” of matching adoptive and birth parents and because the agency is a built in “support system” for all of the parties. The cost of a typical Private Agency adoption ranges on average from $15,000.00 to $25,000.00.

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