Family Planning
There are so many paths to consider when having a child.

Domestic Private Placement Adoption

Private Placement Adoption is accomplished when birth parent(s) place the child directly with the adoptive parent(s) without an agency acting as an intermediary. As the name suggests, the parties to the private adoption have located each other and determined that they wish to make an adoption plan together. The adoptive parents and birth parents learn of each other in many ways, including: connections through family and friends and advertising on the Internet. Information is exchanged between birth parents and adoptive parents that allow everyone to make an informed choice. Although information is exchanged, a great deal of confidentiality can still be maintained; last names, addresses and identifying information are only disclosed as desired. The assistance of an attorney with expertise in the area of adoption is highly recommended and often required in this type of adoption. Private Placement adoption is attractive because it avoids the cost of an agency fee, and can sometimes happen very quickly and inexpensively. The cost of a private placement adoption can vary greatly, but is generally between $8,000.00 and $15,000.00.

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