Couples and Relationship Therapy
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Types of Therapy

Individual therapy can support you in reaching goals or overcoming problems.  GTS can help you understand and resolve issues in a confidential, caring and efficient manner.  We will help you feel safe and supported while challenging you to grow and move past obstacles.

Individual psychotherapy involves regularly scheduled talks between the client and a mental health professional.  Sessions generally start off from 1-3x a week, depending on the assessed needs of the client. The sessions may focus on current or past problems, experiences, thoughts, feelings, or relationships. By sharing experiences with a trained empathic person – you get to talk about your world with someone outside it.  Objective, non-judgments, compassion, trust and safety are the key tenants to any therapist-client relationship.

People come to individual counseling to talk about different aspects of their lives and difficulties they may be having in solving some of their problems. Many people experience counseling as a safe place to share their deepest thoughts and feelings without judgment. Individual psychotherapy offers a powerful setting for the disclosure of secrets, emotions and experiences that may be difficult to discuss. As the relationship between the client and therapist develops, therapy can provide a framework where one can create the life they desire. The weaving of past stories, events, feelings and traumas, with current emotions, patterns, stressors and events enables us to integrate the past with the present. There is truly something very healing that occurs when someone can feel understood in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance.

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