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These days, a lot of couples become parents without consciously planning ahead and preparing for what might possibly be the biggest decision in their lives. In a nutshell, family planning is the process of intelligently having a child or children with their respective futures in mind, all while making sure that you’re fulfilled and happy along the way. That said, Gateway to Solutions helps facilitate your journey to becoming a full-pledged parent by, depending on your circumstances and preferences, providing options and solutions. Here are some of the questions family planning helps you answer:

  • Could I really give a child what it needs?
  • How do children cope with family differences?
  • How will children affect my current relationship?
  • Where will I find resources and support?
  • Considered multiples, disabilities etc?
  • Could I be a good single parent?
  • Is this the right time in my life to be a parent?
  • Do I have enough time and money?
  • Have you factored kids into your career plans?
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Family Planning and Reproductive Health

When any of the factors that have a role in human reproduction do not function properly, infertility occurs and this sometimes becomes a major issue between couples. Being a complex process, the successful fertilization of an egg by a sperm depends on many health factors including the condition of a man’s sperm and the health of a woman’s eggs and uterus. Luckily, with just a patience, communication, trust and a basic understanding of how human reproduction works, you could make intelligent decisions regarding your treatment options. These Assisted Reproductive Techologies are In Vitro Fertilization, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Assisted Hatching, Cryopreservation, Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis and Oocyte (Egg) Donation.


The Adoption Pathway

Another pathway couples can take in their journey of having a family is Adoption. This occurs for a myriad of reasons, from infertility to just personal preferences. The adoption pathway however, is just as fulfilling as natural methods of having a child is. There are many options when it comes to adoption, namely the following: 1) Public agency adoption, 2) Private Agency Adoption, 3) Domestic Private Placement Adoption, 4) Second Parent Adoption and 5) International Adoptions. Each of these have their respective requirements to fulfill, all of which, you can contact us for more details of.

Family Planning Requirements

It takes more than just a couple (or an individual) to raise a child. The individuals involved should prove to be physically able and healthy, cleared of any criminal or child abuse cases, is financially capable, and should have a few personal references who would vouch for their ability for raising a child or children. In addition to these requirements and depending on the family planning pathway that they take, interviews might be required between other agencies and the parents themselves. In any case, Gateway to Solutions is committed to pointing you to the right direction by providing you with the information you need to meet these requirements.

Consider Family Planning Now

When it comes to family planning and reproductive health, Gateway to Solutions helps you consider all practical and emotional aspects while providing sound advice, information and resources. We’ll help you find the best pathway for you and your future children.

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