Goal-Oriented Psychotherapy, Ketamine Infusions, Career Coaching, Mediation, and Family Planning.

Now, for the first time in decades, there is a new choice, a better way to help people live and work well. The power of one. A philosophy and service delivery approach built on a simple premise: it takes a person to help a person. It’s the way GTS enables individuals, couples, families and organizations to prosper and thrive. It’s wellness in a whole new way.

How We Will Support You

Ketamine Infusion

People with the very worst cases of depression/bipolar/PTSD do not respond to standard treatments and for them is often a life sentence – or a death sentence – but ketamine offers a new source of hope. For the past 15 years researchers have known that tiny doses of ketamine can rapidly relieve depression symptoms when delivered via slow intravenous infusion.

Goal Oriented Therapy

GTS practices an integrative and didactic approach to therapy that includes many techniques from the following well- respected orientations: Cognitive/Behavioral (CBT), Gestalt, Freudian, Dialectical Behavioral (DBT), Humanistic, Imago Relationship Therapy and Coaching.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Figuring out what’s really going on in your relationship should be simple, but it’s not. Problems don’t just suddenly appear — they grow slowly over time, the product of small resentments and miscommunications that grow into a thick web that’s very difficult to untangle on your own. That’s where talking to the right professional can really help.

Career & Leadership Coaching

Many people have given up seemingly secure banking, government jobs etc and have opted for software jobs, creative jobs and even freelance options. All you need then is a bit of courage; a dash of self-belief and some clarity of thought and you can join the band of people who have successfully changed careers.

Family Planning

One of the most exciting times in one’s life is becoming a parent. Very few people go throughout life without some thought about what it would be like to raise a child. GTS helps an individual or couple explore what it means to become a parent. We also help understand conventional, adoption and various fertility options to having a child.


Divorce mediation and custody mediation typically consists of several joint meetings between spouses (or partners if you are not married). During those meetings, you and your spouse discuss the issues that need to be resolved in your case. Contact Gateway to Solution’s New York office today to schedule your consultation!

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Goal-Oriented therapy, Ketamine Infusions, Career Coaching, Mediation, and Family Planning. Our philosophy and approach are built on a simple premise: it takes a person to help a person. Explore the Services We Offer.

Our Professionals

  • John Carnesecchi LCSW, CEAP
    Founder & Clinical Director

    John Carnesecchi holds many post-graduate certifications, licenses and/or training in Psychotherapy, IMAGO relationship therapy, Divorce, Family & Labor Mediator, Career Coaching, Employee Assistance (CEAP), Program Development and more.

  • Madeline Weinfeld LCSW
    Senior Associate Therapist

    Madeline Weinfeld has clinical experience working with individuals of all ages. She specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem, women’s issues, career concerns and relationship challenges.

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