Divorce Mediation for You and Your Partner

When the dust clears and all methods have been exhausted prior to a divorce, mediation comes in to make things more convenient. Unlike arbitration or litigation where a judge or arbitrator makes the final decision, Divorce mediation is a method to resolve your divorce and/or custody dispute while allowing you to take full control of the outcome. Gateway to Solutions helps in facilitating divorce mediation discussions and pointing the individuals concerned to the right information and suggestions to resolving their differences.

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We Make The Mediation Process Convenient

While divorce mediation legally involves the two parties, there’s are other outside factors to be considered. Most notably, the children’s interests will be at stake when it comes to mediating between the two involved individuals. With our help we make it a point for the both of you to write up a fair agreement with your children’s best interest at the center.


Equitable Mediation: Decisions That Have to Be Made

Admittedly, some very important decisions have to be made when writing up that fair agreement. Parenting Decisions involve custody, access or visitation, geographic restrictions, access to records and notifications of relevant contact data. Equitable Distributions Decisions mostly concern Real Estate ownership, Retirement funds, Business and Professional Assets, Debts and Liabilities, and Property. Other decisions that have to be made that should be considered when writing up that equipment would be: income taxes, future disputes and much much more. Your coming to an agreement regarding these terms will be facilitated by us.

Divorce Mediation Budget

A budget is required when undergoing the process of divorce mediation. As is always the case, it’s also agreed upon by the two parties involved. The budget for divorce mediation involves the following: Present expenses, Post-separation Expenses, Housing expenses, Utilities, Maintenance, Food, Clothing, Automobiles, Health, Insurance, Education, Direct Child Expenses, recreation/ entertainment, personal care and much much more.

Work With Us for Divorce Mediation

Gateway to Solutions commits to making sure that in the creation of your divorce mediation agreement, all stakeholderss (mostly the children) best interests are considered. We also make it a point to provide the proper and necessary information when writing up said agreement.

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