Five Easy Steps to Start Therapy at Gateway to Solutions

Sometimes life throws us a curveball that leaves us feeling that we need some support to find or accentuate the best version of ourselves. If you find yourself at a crossroads, looking for some feedback, or currently working toward being the best version of yourself, The team at Gateway to Solutions is here to support your journey with different types of therapy to fit your needs.  

STEP ONE:  Where do I start?

Have you never been to therapy? Are you feeling unsure about treatment? Check out this link to learn more about what contributes to a successful therapy experience and what to expect. Then check out our therapists on our website to see what kind of support might be right for you. At Gateway to Solutions, our Associates use a humanistic, collaborative, and have a goal-oriented approach.  We are trained to support you in the many different goals you may have. Once you have gotten a feel for who we are, reach out to us here so that we can connect. Once our clinicians receive your email, you can expect to hear from them within the day to set-up an introductory call.  

STEP TWO: The Introductory Call

The introductory call is a brief, free 10-minute conversation that provides you the opportunity to share a little about your interest in therapy and have any questions you may have answered.  It will also be an opportunity to hear a bit of our therapists’ style if they would be a good fit for you. 

STEP THREE: Courtesy insurance verification

At Gateway to Solutions, we offer courtesy insurance verification. After you have your introductory call and you feel this would be a promising therapeutic relationship, Our clinicians will advise you to fill out the Insurance Verification form so that we can explore your insurance benefits. It takes no more than two minutes to complete, and our coordinator reaches out to the insurance company and provides the information typically within 24 hours. Expect a follow-up email or call from us, providing you with all of the facts and figures about how your insurance reimburses for mental health care to help you make your decision. 

STEP FOUR:  Facts and figures in check! What is next?

Once you have all your information and have decided to begin your journey, let the therapist know and schedule your initial consultation! Once scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email and be invited to join our electronic and secure client portal on Theranest to fill out the intake before the first session.   This electronic intake is 100% safe and HIPAA (healthcare information privacy act) compliant.  The intake will take up to 45 minutes to complete and is quite comprehensive. 

STEP FIVE:  The initial consultation 

The initial consultation is a 1-hour session with the purpose of “sharing your story,” begin the assessment process, and understanding how therapy works more deeply.  Tell us what brought you here, what you hope to achieve, and how we can help you reach that goal. This time gives you and the clinician time to get acquainted and confirm that this is a good fit for both parties. Then get ready to work toward a better you! 

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